Who We Are

Caliber - the Wealth Development Company - is a middle-market alternative asset manager and fund sponsor with strategies in real estate and credit, differentiated by our vertically integrated business model.

Caliber delivers a full suite of alternative investments to high net worth, accredited and qualified investors, as well as family offices and smaller institutions.

What We Do

  • We create strategic investments that build generational wealth for our investors, community, and team. 
  • Our real estate investment experts are specialists in the middle market, allowing them to compete with speed and agility in the evolving alternative assets arena.
  • We establish proprietary products including middle-market investment funds, private syndications, and direct investments, many of which are focused on real estate, private equity, and debt facilities.
  • We provide educational resources and an established business platform to its growing community of investor-customers, allowing entry to the often inaccessible world of private alternative investments. 

Unique Market Position

  • We are uniquely positioned to build wealth for our clients. Our platform targets middle market investments between $5m - $50m in acquisition value, a size inaccessible to many other market participants.
  • Our vertically integrated business model allows us to control multiple stages of our investments and generate high fee revenue per dollar invested of capital.
  • Caliber currently has over $2.5 billion in assets under management and development. The global alternative assets market is projected to reach $17.2 trillion in AUM by 2025.

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Investor Relations
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